Cupcakes on Cupcakes on Cupcakes

This was one of the most fun and busy baking adventures that I’ve had yet!  I’ll lay down the facts:  2 weeks.  70 guests. 80 cupcakes. 60 yards of ribbon. a lot of plastic boxes. 1 engagement party.

Wrapped and ready to go!
Wrapped and ready to go!

That’s right! This was one of my first official not-directly-through-my-family baking gigs!  And, it was CUPCAKES!  So naturally, this whole process was beyond exciting.  Friends of ours were having a family engagement party, and what better way to end the night, than on a sweet note!  The idea was a cupcake favor box that the guests could take home, or devour immediately, at their will.

This is what (almost) 80 cupcakes looks like.  Halfway frosted.
This is what (almost) 80 cupcakes looks like. Halfway frosted.

Writing or speaking the words, “80 cupcakes” seems very overwhelming, trust me.  But after doing this project, it really wasn’t so bad!  I made 2 kinds of cupcakes; red velvet & my famous chocolate; so really I only had to make 2 batches of each batter.   For me, I find that the cupcakes come out the best when made in single batches – so for each batch I would measure out the ingredients twice.  One set, I would get to work on by putting into the mixer, and the other, for the dry ingredients at least, I would put in tupperware temporarily.  This made the actual baking process much simpler by removing room for human error.  You know, making it statistically insignificant, to throw in some nerd words.

Getting the other half frosted!
Getting the other half frosted!

Ignoring my messy table – you can see some of my process.  Their color scheme was gold, turquoise, and purple.  I used the same tins and pearls on all the cupcakes for uniformity, but the frosting color varried according to the cupcake flavor.  Hmm, bit of organization to my madness, are you really surprised?

Coloring my buttercream
Coloring my buttercream

The best thing about baking, is that people are ALL TOO WILLING to help out if the incentive of free cupcakes is lingering at the end.  It’s actually pretty cool; I never have trouble asking for help cleaning up while there’s something chocolate baking in the oven.  The preparation stage was a joint effort from myself, Kyle, my mom, and a good friend!  Don’t worry, everyone left with cupcakes and a smile!

Sunlight and Cupcakes.  It feels like fall!
Sunlight and Cupcakes. It feels like fall!
Perfectly Matching
Perfectly Matching the napkins!

Big baking might be my new thing! Who knows, I even got more business cards made up; the type-A kitchen is open for business!

What a sweet ending!
What a sweet ending!

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