Dusting Off My Baking Pans!

This little baker has been cooking!  I know, I know, definitely not what you were expecting right?  I’ve traded my cocoa powder and confectioners sugar for olive oil, garlic, and sea salt!  Note to self; make olive oil and sea salt dessert?  That sounds intriguing.

So heads up – this blog is both a baking recap and a bit of showing off my new favorite recipe!  Banana bread of course, and homemade falafel your your information!

Banana Bread!
Banana Bread!

Between painting our home, wielding a drill, and doing grown up things like grocery shopping & vacuuming, all of of which I truly enjoy by the way, I have not been baking!  Much to my dismay, as well as Kyle’s to be honest.  But the other weekend, we were out running errands and I decided to pop some Banana Bread in the oven.  Walking into our home to the smell of warm sweet banana smell, it really felt like home.

Banana bread with Chopped walnuts.  FAVORITE
Banana bread with Chopped walnuts. FAVORITE

This was one of the first times I walked into my home and smelled some of my concoctions, IN MY OWN HOME.  Not going to lie, pretty cool.

But the other part of the day has been filled with using the oven in a different way.  I was in the grocery store and saw these MASSIVE NJ locally grown eggplants.  PLEASE, can we take a look at how ginormous these are?

NJ Fresh Eggplants
NJ Fresh Eggplants – MASSIVE

I’ve been making Falafel like a champ.  I’m very into Mediterranean lately, really I’ve always been – if you had a inkling based on my Baklava posts.  So these beautiful eggplants plus a phenomenal recipe from the internet with a few minor adjustments to taste, equals a GREAT day for our tummies.


Feels so funny to be posting such savory photos on here!  I hope you guys are okay with this!  I am well aware that it has been a significant amount of time since I last posted anything.  I am hoping to have something tasty brewing this weekend for my foodies out there!  Cross your tastebuds!

Falafel Stuffed Eggplants!
Falafel Stuffed Eggplants!

Short and sweet – Just like the baker :D!  Thank you for stopping by! Happy summer, and stop by soon for hopefully some more yummies!

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