Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Cupcakes

There’s a surprise – More cupcakes! (… & more movie quotes!)

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcakes
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcakes

You know how sometimes, we plan things (like, uh – recipes), and then do research and manage to go to the grocery store AHEAD of time… it’s like the stars are aligning… then indubitably, it goes terribly wrong?  This mayyyyy or may not have happened today.

Twistin' and turnin'
Twistin’ and turnin’

To be completely transparent, the original idea had been to make Caramel Sea-Salt Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcakes for Kyle’s work pot-luck this week.  I know, the name is really a mouthful (of AWESOME CUPCAKE!) bada-bing!  Unfortunately the recipe I used for the salted caramel frosting was AWFUL and grainy and just foul.  So improvising time.

KYLE dipped all these little pretzels! We had to make extra for spot inspections ;)
KYLE dipped all these little pretzels! We had to make extra for spot inspections ;)

By the way? Let’s talk about me growing as a person, being able to admit my mistakes and move my cheese with this recipe.  Did anyone read this? I remember listening to this book in the car (audiotapes, what?) as my mom was carpooling us around.  …remember I’m 20something.  Regardless, its a book about dealing with change and feeling out of control when/if it happens.  This book has really left my family with some valuable gems, at times, you can even hear raised voices telling each other that we “really need to move your cheese and get over it.”  I’m sure that’s really what the author intended.

Can we talk about how much I'm in love with these adorable cupcakes liners?
Can we talk about how much I’m in love with these adorable cupcakes liners?

Anyways, back to what you guys came for.  The baking and chocolate fantastic formulation.  Surprise surprise, I went with my old faithful, Chocolate cupcake recipe, I actually have this one memorized at this point.  By the end, I decided to go with vanilla and chocolate frosting, swirled on top, and a bit of salt sprinkled over the whole thing.  Violà – Chocolate covered pretzels. YUM.

Nom noms
Nom noms

Notes: (1). Evidently pretzels get soggy when sitting in the icing overnight.  Assemble before serving, wish I knew that ahead of time. (2). Sea salt has larger granules than kosher salt, that’s the only difference I can ascertain.  (3). Try this recipe again.



Pretty fun baking project, I was multitasking with a carrot cake, so I guess I should be happy these weren’t frosted with cream cheese frosting!

Anyone have exciting upcoming baking plans? Double whammy this year, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah so close, it’s Thanksukkah!  GobbleGobble! Until next time – Happy baking & thanks for stopping by!


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