Creme Brûlée

I almost didn’t post this recipe.  It’s so easy that it’s barely worth mentioning. BUT then I tried it.  And Oh-My-God; heaven. Oh and the pictures came out really well :D

yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy

So first of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that all you foodies were delightfully satisfied with your celebrations and culinary experiences!  Usually in our house, its nothing crazy, way too much turkey for our family, stretchy pants, and a ratio of roughly 1:2.5 of desserts:people.  So basically, I was excited to get busy baking my butt off! Unfortunately, and somewhat unsurprisingly, I was busy with work and commuting and pretending to have a social life.  So this is my turkey day post.

poured and ready to CHILL

I was in a pinch and found/selected this recipe in a split-second decision, from Alton Brown on the Food Network. I was a bit hesitant and nervous about a new recipe, but then thought, it’s a ton of cream and sugar, mixed with vanilla, and top it off with more sugar… what am I worried about?! Thank goodness too, because it was DELICIOUS (if I do say so myself)

Look at that caramelization! (AND my awesome blow torch!)

The best part about this? KITCHEN TORCH!! Okay, so maybe that was the REAL motivating factor for wanting to make this, or maybe not.

Flower creme brûlée !
That perfect “crust” on top really completes the recipe!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! Until next time my baking blog followers! :)


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