Walk This Way

Another birthday cake! This time, it’s for my CHOCOHOLIC mother (Happy *belated* Birthday Mom!), so she handed over the kitchen with one catch: “You can make whatever you want, as long as its chocolate and chocolate…and some more chocolate!” Don’t worry, you got it! And I decided to get a bit more creative!

Happy Birthday Mom! :) Platform-Cheetah-Chocolate Heels? Perfect for a Fashionista

LOVE the Hershey website. It’s surprisingly pretty great (I’m not sure why I’m always surprised, but I just feel like to be SO GREAT at chocolate, their internet skills would be lacking?) I usually use my go-to Chocolate cake on the SPECIAL DARK Hershey’s Coca (Dark chocolate = best chocolate) box, but I opted for their Deep Dark Chocolate Cake this time, and it is PERFECT! The recipe includes this thick, gooey, chocolatey “Buttercream frosting” goodness.  The word buttercream is used loosely here, this is closer to resembling fudge, than it is to being buttercream. But nobody in this house is complaining!

Can you see how thick, gooey, rich, and delicious this dark chocolate buttercream is? … perfection

The recipe is actually really simple, its one of those “one bowl” batters (And Hershey themselves said that the recipe was “beginner” so you see why I needed to overcompensate…kidding, kinda).  One change I did make, was instead of the 1 cup of boiling water, I used a cup of strong (HOT) coffee. Coffee actually makes the chocolate flavors stand up when you mix the two, good to know! 

A nice hefty potion of the Mocha Chocolate Cream in the middle :)!

I thought that it needed a bit more loving, so I decided to fill it with the Mocha Chocolate Cream that I’ve used before. It’s SO yummy, and while its chocolatey and has that nice coffee taste, its light and airy, like a whipped cream.

Smoothing out that middle! No midsection “tires” in this cake!

The cake, was filled, frosted, and it was time for my shoe! I actually came across this adorable shoe idea when I was idly searching for cupcake designs one day.  If you Google Image Search “high heel cupcakes” you’ll get to see my inspiration.

Frosted and filled chocolate goodness :) Some of the mocha cream creeped out into the frosting because I got impatient… sensing my weakness?

BECAUSE she loves chocolate so much, I didn’t dare use a vanilla icing for the cupcake toppings (and thus have those fun brightly colored sugar toppings) and instead decided to stick with the chocolate.  I actually had made a pink sugar, (just take a few drops of food coloring into at least a 1-2 cups of sugar in a *tightly sealed* tupperware, and shake until blended) but it didn’t show up on the chocolate buttercream. Oh well! Pearls it is!

Cheetah cupcake tins? YES PLEASE

Using Chocolate Graham crackers (sensing a theme?) I tried cutting it a bunch of ways until I found one that I thought worked; and then dipped them in chocolate.  I stuck them in the freezer to harden and used Pirouettes (cut on an angle) as the heel!

Heels! :)

Although one of the simplest cakes to make, it was probably one of the best cakes I’ve had, in a VERY long time and that’s saying something!

Oh and a little plug for myself, I created a twitter account (for those of you who use twitter, I know most of my fam won’t be joining in on this one!) you can follow me @TypeABaker! It’s just another fun outlet for sharing pictures and recipes, and probably baking related *hopefully funny thoughts :)

Happy baking! :)

5 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. Thank you my petite baker, I loved my dark chocolate cake! It’s rich and delicious with out weighing you down. I’ve eaten much to much birthday cake already. :)

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