The Most Delicious Chocolate Layer Cake Ever

Not the best photo I’ve taken of the cake; it looks a bit lopsided, but it tasted delicious!

Ok, so you’re reading that title and thinking, yea riiiight. But um, with all due respect, you’re just wrong.  This cake, which takes a solid 5 hours to make (and that’s AFTER the first 2 learning curve tries). But TRUST ME it’s SO worth it! I made it once for my mom’s birthday, and then again for about 3 other family members by polite request unwavering demands.  Annnd then once more because it completely fell apart after I made it; but I’ll get to that in a minute.  It consists of 3 round delicious chocolate cakes, filled with a Mocha Chocolate Cream and finished with a Coffee Liquor Ganache. Droool.

All set and READY to GO!

So for the record, believe this time I accidentally made the cake twice.  Which is probably why it’s not evenly filled and whatnot (if you know me, you KNOW how much this is bothering me).  And by accidentally, I mean I made it the first time, finished it, and I’m-too-important-to-pay-attention-to-directions-I-know-what-I’m-doing and iced it BEFORE it was completely cool. *head palm*

It was my moms birthday… We stop doing 1:1 candles for fire hazard reasons ;)

I always feel so funny when people take pictures of food on their plates, like ok, we get it it’s cool/neat/beautiful/gross but just eat your food already! BUT since it was just my family, there’s no judgement… and since I made it, the rules don’t apply. Obviously.


The recipe is actually pretty straight forward :D I found it on My Recipes; and I’ll just post it on here because it’s actually three separate recipes.  First comes Chocolate Cake (love), then Mocha Chocolate Cream Filling (marriage) and Chocolate Liquor Icing …(the food baby?)

You (and everyone else) will LOVE I promise!

Bon Appetit!

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