Cupcakes on Cupcakes on Cupcakes


This was one of the most fun and busy baking adventures that I’ve had yet!  I’ll lay down the facts:  2 weeks.  70 guests. 80 cupcakes. 60 yards of ribbon. a lot of plastic boxes. 1 engagement party. That’s right! … Continue reading

Raspberry Almond Macarons

Raspberry Almond Macarons!

You guys, I had a recipe recipe sitting on my mental to-do list for almost a year!  The procrastination was equal parts time limits and intimidation.  Finally, I had a solid afternoon with nothing planned and was ready to face the worlds most impossible … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Perfection

So much peanut butter!

It’s no surprise that I make something peanut butter and delicious soon after taking up residence in my own kitchen.  That was one of those unspoken rules from my mom at home, “you can bake anything you want, but I really … Continue reading

Back to Baking!

Traditional Lava Cake!

She’s back! Back and baking with dark chocolate, of course!  There’s nothing like a special occasion to get the creative juices following.  We had a quite worldly and very awesome dinner guest Friday night so I decided to test my hand at an international … Continue reading

Dusting Off My Baking Pans!

Banana Bread!

This little baker has been cooking!  I know, I know, definitely not what you were expecting right?  I’ve traded my cocoa powder and confectioners sugar for olive oil, garlic, and sea salt!  Note to self; make olive oil and sea … Continue reading

Lemon Meringue Pie!


When you buy lemons in bulk, I guess baking multiple lemon-themed desserts is to be expected.  But at least the kitchen smells heavenly and fresh!  And if you’re thinking that my lemons last for a frighteningly long time, this is actually a … Continue reading



It was 85 degrees today, the sun was shining, and then the skies opened up and the rain came down.  It’s finally SPRING!  My garden is growing, the fresh fruit is back to summer prices… life is good!! If you … Continue reading

Thin Mint Cupcakes

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cupcakes

Girl Scout Cookie cupcakes are a thing.  So much a thing that I’ve even made them before via the Samoa variety.  I did some intense research about the Girl Scouts of America, by the way, about the whole Caramel deLites … Continue reading

“The One With the Trifle”

No shots of it being cut up - super messy!

So Boston Cream Pie is what one typically refers to as a casual dessert.  Delicious gloopy-gloppy vanilla pastry cream, melty chocolate ganache, all stuffed and layered within/ontop of a light airy sponge cake. Well, I don’t know if you guessed it … Continue reading

Big Baking Bridal Shower!


Here’s the official shout out to my FUTURE SISTER Yana! (in law? formalities…)  This weekend was her Bridal Shower, a big joint effort on behalf of myself, my sister, and my aunt Sharon (BIG smiles Auntie Sharon, you’re FAMOUS) which means … Continue reading

Baking, Blogging, and Catching Up

"Happy Holiday" … s? Only saw this now.

I’ve been a very bad blogger.  It hit me, when I was, wait for it, SNOWBOARDING the other day, that I haven’t been blogging in ages! I can’t exactly figure out why I was thinking about blogging at that point, … Continue reading

Post Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Lunch


This week was the week of eating, eating, and eating some more!  Between Hanukkah and Thanksgiving (thanksukkah), work parties and leftovers, I know my oven was being utilized daily!  Throw in a late November birthday (Happy 28th birthday to my older … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Cupcakes


There’s a surprise – More cupcakes! (… & more movie quotes!) You know how sometimes, we plan things (like, uh – recipes), and then do research and manage to go to the grocery store AHEAD of time… it’s like the … Continue reading

Spooky Halloween Werewolf Cupcakes!


Happy Halloween to all my festive foodies out there!  Last week, there was a spooky bake-off at work; …uh OF COURSE I’m going to participate, was that even a real question?  The idea was to be spooky and scary in … Continue reading

Holy Cannoli, Cake

Sliced Almonds and Regular Chocolate Chips to Garnish

See I told you September is a baking month! (Whatever, it’s October right now, but I’m in slight denial.)  To be fair this was served the VERY end of the month so – compromise.  Regardless, it was such a fun … Continue reading